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Commonly Asked Questions

Please take some time to read though our frequently asked questions regarding your very own WOO WOO! Party

Whatever the weather?

So the most common question we are asked is, "What happens if it rains?"

As organised as we are I'm afraid that we are unable to gurantee the weather. Woo Woo! Parties only operate in the warmer months April to October to minimise poor weather, however the risk I'm afraid very much lies with the client. Obvioulsy there are covered areas included in your hire like the teepee and marquee however, if your children are anything like ours, stick them in the right outdoor clothes and they won't let a little rain dampen their fun.

As safety is our highest priority we would not be able to inflate our bouncy castle or provide our table tennis table in rain or high winds. Please see our booking terms and conditions for further details.

What happens on the day?

You can turn up 20 minutes before your party starts to start setting up (no earlier please, there may be other parties being cleared up)

Someone from the Woo Woo! Parties crew will be there to meet and greet you, show you around the paddock and point you in the direction of any amenities.  Then you are free to start making your preparations and meeting your service providers.


After your party:

We ask that you wrap your party up on time, there is often another party happening just half an hour after your slot. You are obliged to please leave the paddock as you found it, using the bins provided for clearing rubbish and returning all hired equipment.

Where is the Tipi paddock? Where do I park?

The tipi can be viewed from the Kibworth Road from Tur Langton, LE8 0PJ if you look for it! You can come in the back entrance to The Manor and use the car park to the left of the gates leading to the tipi paddock on your right.  Alternatively, you can come into the main drive entrance to The Manor and use the large car park to your left, however this is a little walk to the paddock which is down the main farm yard / then left (passed Lemon Jelly / Tactile)

Another route to the paddock is through the main court yard (Where Mint + Ginger / Bunny Clarke are) travelling round to your right (passed Firetree Photo Studio) and the tipi paddock is on the right of the Donkey paddock.

Are there any toilets?

There are toilets in the 16ft grey container opposite the tipi paddock.  There are disabled facilities also.  Kids must be accompanied to and from the toilets as there could be cars travelling down that drive way.  It is important the gate is shut to the paddock while your party is taking place, this contains the children and ensure's general visitors to The Manor don't mistakingly join your event :)

Are the Donkey’s / Alpaca’s friendly?

 There are animals in the neighbouring paddock to the Woo Woo! Party Paddock. Although cute they are not associated directly with your booking and are not the responsibility of Woo Woo! Parties, and are privately owned. As such they cannot be fed or touched by you or any of your guests, suppliers or affiliates and under no circumstances are you or any of your guests, suppliers or affiliates allowed to enter or approach the paddock they reside in. The result of any foul play occurring due to non-observance of these terms are your responsibility alone and Woo Woo! Parties resolve themselves of any responsibility.

The Donkey’s are called Doris and Dougie while the alpacas are called Miguel (the white one) and Fernando (the brown one).

What do I do if something is broken or lost?

While we appreciate that accidents happen, it is important that we are notified of any breakages - so that they may be fixed for the next customers booking.  Please do ensure any breakages are reported as this could effect the safety of something within the paddock.  Any damages to the tipi or borrowed equipment will need to be compensated.

How many kids can you fit in the tipi?

We recommend a maximum of 20 as this many children can sit comfortably in a circle in the tipi, floor cushions are provided.

We ask that no more than approximately 30 adults are invited along to the party - we can’t allow a massive rave to go on in our lovely little paddock as it might disturb our very accommodating business neighbours!

Is there any furniture in the marquee / gazebo?

We have 3 rectangular tables in the tent which can be utilised for your party, please feel free to bring any other furniture you might need.

The tables would fit 3 kids sitting down the side and 2 kids at each end.  Black plastic chairs can be provided - if you need them please ask.

We would recommend bringing 3 table clothes as the tables are brown wood in colour.

Is there any electricity in the tent?

We can easily pull an extension cable over to the marquee for you to use (this has 3 plug sockets), please ask if you need this prior to your event.

I heard there were amazing feather headdresses — can I use them?

We do have beautiful balinese headdresses which can be hired for your party.  However these are very delicate and cost between £50-£100 each.  We don’t hire these out for childrens parties.  If required for an adult party a deposit of £60 will be taken for the use of these, please let us know if you would like use of them.

If there is anything we haven't covered please email us now...

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